Something Went Wrong

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

I’m at a friend’s office. We’re discussing projects we’re working on so I take out my laptop to show him my latest work – and that’s when something goes very wrong…

Visual Studio license stale notification splash

The Visual Studio license has gone stale. That much makes sense, the laptop is mostly plugged to the TV in the living room and serves as a media hub. I only use it for work when I’m traveling so it makes sense Visual Studio was not launched on it for several weeks.

I’ll just re-enter my account credentials and get a fresh license for Visual Studio and be on my merry way…

The disinformative windows greeting you when you try to login to your Microsoft account through Visual Studio

…or not. That’s the page I am greeted with after I log in to my account through Visual Studio. Needless to say, once I dismiss this window Visual Studio shuts itself down.

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