• Who are you?
    My name is Martin, I’m a video-game developer.
    My friend and business partner Tzahi, is also a part of this blog and the effort to get the attention of Microsoft Support.
  • Why was your account ‘temporarily suspended’?
    I have no clue why the account was temporary suspended.
    I’ve been trying to reach Microsoft Support to remove this suspension and I’m very curious as to why it happened.
    I haven’t done anything that violates their terms of service to my best of knowledge nor I’ve been actually accused of doing so.

  • Do you hate Microsoft?
    No. we are both users of Microsoft products. We had a working relation with Microsoft Israel and we are working with several startups that are collaborating with Microsoft. We have nothing bad to say about Microsoft products, but we have plenty to say about their support.
  • Don’t you have connections at Microsoft that can help with your problem?
    We don’t to bother friends that have nothing to do with Microsoft support. While they might be able to help in some aspects, we are trying to avoid going this route, if possible.
    This is actually the most common question we get, and we wonder what would an average Joe do, if he can’t get the support department(s) of a major company to notice his issues…
  • What are you trying to achieve?
    Two things – to have Microsoft release the account suspension and to have them take a good look at their support systems.
    During this endless saga we have discovered that we have access to tickets that are not ours, and that our own tickets are getting closed automatically, without any manual review.
    Clearly there are some technical issues that Microsoft needs to fix in order to benefit all of its users, not only us.