Online Support Attempt #1

Friday, March 24th, 2017

Quickly losing hope I will get any response to my support tickets submitted through the online forms, I decide to try and contact Microsoft support directly.

Fun fact – you can only request a support call for US and Canadian numbers (country code +1).

So after several attempts at reaching a live representative through their online help system, I finally get in contact with a support rep:

The only bit of information I was able to infer from that conversation is that my previous support tickets were indeed being ignored. Not clear on if I should submit a new ticket or not after this conversation, I decide to err on the side of safety and submit a new ticket just in case.

So just to recap – at this point it’s been several days, 2 ignored support tickets and supposedly 2 new support tickets. One of them is SURE to get a response at some point… right?

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